We provide math-based decision support system that you, as a decision maker, can use to generate more profit and improve the processes performances. Whether you are struggling with the formulation of strategic decisions on planning future events or you wish to lend a hand to your staff in making short-time decisions on the execution of operations our tools and our specialist team can help you. ACT Operations Research’ name and brand is already familiar to large organizations of complex processes and large-scale systems. Standing beneath real investments in research, we build best-of-breed “decision support math-technology” which has been proving to stand out competing technologies from global players. We draw out the optimization potential of your operations while unleashing pent-up profit margins by embedding our solutions in your systems. What’s more, with us you refrain from taking unconscious risks as we model the behaviour of your systems imitating the real world ahead you play live with your business decisions. At ACT Operations Research, we strive to make the difference in this ever-increasing innovation demanding world working hard to reach a world’s leading position in advanced decision support systems built on optimization, simulation, forecasting and process control expertise.
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BEFORE! Market Analytics
Before! Multi-paradigma market platform


stores replenishment.
promotional effects.
simulation analysis of prices and promotions.
commercial decisions testing.
transportation and distribution.
energy and risk management.

ACT Operations Research is proud to open the doors to one of its most full-fledged forecasting and demand analysis system: managers and analysts can now rely on accurate short, medium and long term promotion and price setting outcomes forecasts.
Made possible by several years of focused R&D teamwork, Before! Market Analytics empowers forecasting while drastically reducing both the time to draw up well-rounded models as well as its integration and maintenance costs.  


Before! Market Analytics includes three modules:
1. Before! Value Items helps you spot the customer sensitive items while giving you recommendations on how to manage their regular and promotional prices so to keep your reputation high.
2. Before! Competitive Analysis has the ability to make meaning by assembling necessary figures from stores and market sources and to add value by conveying patterns and trends in data.
3. Before! Category Efficiency let you look at the best-in-class stores so to learn and apply their management choices in other stores.


Usage model


Before! Value Items
Whether they are fast-moving or slow-turning products, for some of them, price-conscious consumers bear a set of expectations in terms of price and value. Any mismatch would create disgruntled customers, who may silently exit or spread negative word-of-mouth. The reputation associated with known value products acts as the umbrella for all product categories and the higher the value perception, the higher the purchase intentions at stores with a positive reputation.

Before! Competitive Analysis
It is a multi-dimensional sales analysis software application. Looking at the market and skimming across stores of diverse sizes and venues, Before! Competitive Analysis empowers decision makers to look-and-feel the performance of aggregations of items. Decision makers from food and non-food segments draw on Before! Competitive Analysis either to perform in-depth competitive analyses, conducting comparisons or tracking demand responses from promotions and assortment mix decisions.
Before! Category Efficiency
Whether you are still looking at sales-per-square-foot ratio thinking you are maximizing each inch of retail space, or if you believe that lowering your prices might drive your store performance, you’d better go for a second thought. When it comes to shaping performance management in retail stores set yourself apart from the rest. Before! Category Efficiency provide you with dynamic store benchmarking while spotting the stars and dog locations. Your stores’ performances may vary with time and the category assortment mix of your choice along with their space allocated on the shelves but also with the price life cycle, the venue, the store size and so on.

Used as daily operational tool to forecast demand and promotional sales, for restocking, planning as well as to assist strategic decisions in the commercial area (e.g. price, promo, display/assortment and space optimization) through what-if analysis, BEFORE! Market Analytics can be coupled with other ACT Operations Research’ products such as BEFORE! Predictive Analytics (Demand and Promo Forecasting),  OPT Shipping (distribution planning), ARENA and SIMIO (discrete event simulation). ACT Operations Research BEFORE! integration capabilities make integration easy with ERP and other systems already installed.


Main functionalities


  • Identify items that have greater impact on your customers
  • Price Image management
  • Determine the ranking of the Top Known Value Items
  • Data dimension (market, product, time, measure)
  • Look at the market share relatively to price index
  • Drag in product categories and subclasses
  • Decide the data granularity to look at
  • Focus on specific stores
  • Measures (volume, distribution, sales, regular and promotional price)
  • Markets can be organized by class of trade, region, or both
  • Category Development Index
  • Rank categories and stores based on multi-variables efficiencies
  • Measure and analyze the gap between best practices and worst practices
  • Suggest actions to align the worst to the best practices
  • Track the dynamics of your product categories.

Variables of influence:

  • Weather

  • Regular price

  • Promotional price

  • Brand.


  • Forecasting accuracy

  • Forecasting disturbance effects from a range of factors

  • Seasonality details (e.g. yearly, monthly, weekly)

  • Automatic math-model picking

  • Powerful computation performance.

  • If you have million of statistical series, ACT Operations Research Before! can help!

  • ACT Operations Research Before! is tailored for short-life cycle products encompassing a number of verticals.


Main features and add-ons

  • Scheduling system for automated forecasts generation

  • Automated system performance monitoring

  • On-premise or data service implementation in the “cloud”

  • Can be integrated with existing IT applications
  • Fast activation, fast return-on-investment (ROI).


Vertical markets

  • Retail (e.g. fashion) and distribution

  • Consumer product goods manufacturing

  • Utilities and Energy


ACT Operations Research technology integration and scalability

  • SaaS and on-premise

  • developed through Java technology

  • integrates with any SQL database compliant

  • integrates with ERP, TMS, WMS

  • a very powerful engine designed for parallel calculus

  • scalable for a number of CPUs and cloud architectures

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BROCHURE - BEFORE! Market Analytics


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