We provide math-based decision support system that you, as a decision maker, can use to generate more profit and improve the processes performances. Whether you are struggling with the formulation of strategic decisions on planning future events or you wish to lend a hand to your staff in making short-time decisions on the execution of operations our tools and our specialist team can help you. ACT Operations Research’ name and brand is already familiar to large organizations of complex processes and large-scale systems. Standing beneath real investments in research, we build best-of-breed “decision support math-technology” which has been proving to stand out competing technologies from global players. We draw out the optimization potential of your operations while unleashing pent-up profit margins by embedding our solutions in your systems. What’s more, with us you refrain from taking unconscious risks as we model the behaviour of your systems imitating the real world ahead you play live with your business decisions. At ACT Operations Research, we strive to make the difference in this ever-increasing innovation demanding world working hard to reach a world’s leading position in advanced decision support systems built on optimization, simulation, forecasting and process control expertise.
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Dec 8-11, 2013 - ACT-OR speaker at WSC in Washington
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Creatives highly skilled engineers! A team of specialists in Decision Science and Process Control.

About us

Built on a cross-engineering background team, ACT Operations Research specializes in decision-making support and process control. Formed in 1996, ACT Operations Research is a privately held company with direct offices in Charlotte (US), London (UK), Rome (Italy).


The business lines

The organization unfolds two business lines following process, discrete manufacturing as well as service vertical markets:

  • Optimization & Simulation Division (OptSim)
    Process forecasting, simulation and optimization through models and algorithms.
  • Process & Control Division (P&C)
    Whether your are in nuclear, chemical, pharma, oil and gas and other process manufacturing and power generation industries, ACT Operations Research P&C Division moves over your plants performance and safety with control systems design and simulation.


We are proud of the impressive achievements accomplished by our team so far:

  • 240 + business problems modelled
  • 20% of customers listed in stock exchanges in the US and EU markets
  • 2% of customers ranked among the top 2000 public companies in the world by Forbes magazine
  • 20% of sales revenue invested in R&D in close relationship with research institutions
  • 3 global tech-manufacturers from US and EU have chosen our company as a partner to represent and distribute their technologies to complement our products
  • 6 countries of 4 continents are the sites of Worldwide Simulation Alliance, the network of business partners we co-founded.

Our core business
Helping you with innovative solutions for optimization, simulation, forecasting and process control, based on powerful tools, state-of-art methods and sophisticated models. Last generation technologies for decision making support and dynamic process control!

With powerful optimization engines, simulation and forecasting platforms, ACT Operations Research innovates the way operations research, statistics and control theory leverage factories and plants performance!


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We provide math-technology products and advanced solutions for:  
BEFORE! Predictive Analytics
The new generation of Forecasting Systems (Promo and Revenue Optimization)
BEFORE! Market Analytics
(KVI Analysis - Competitive Analysis - Category Efficiency Analysis)

OPT Shipping
Advanced deliveries planning engine
Design and simulate multilevel distribution network
OPT Runner
Trucks routing and scheduling optimization system
OPT Loading
3D container, truck and pallet loading optimization engine
OPT Vessel
Planning and scheduling of maritme transportation
OPT Warehouse
Math optimization suite for the warehouse process
NET Solver - RTD
Optimal dispatching in automatic warehouse!
The most used software for simulation projects
The new software for simulation projects
SCENARIO Navigator
Scenario analysis for simulations projects

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