We provide math-based decision support system that you, as a decision maker, can use to generate more profit and improve the processes performances. Whether you are struggling with the formulation of strategic decisions on planning future events or you wish to lend a hand to your staff in making short-time decisions on the execution of operations our tools and our specialist team can help you. ACT Operations Research’ name and brand is already familiar to large organizations of complex processes and large-scale systems. Standing beneath real investments in research, we build best-of-breed “decision support math-technology” which has been proving to stand out competing technologies from global players. We draw out the optimization potential of your operations while unleashing pent-up profit margins by embedding our solutions in your systems. What’s more, with us you refrain from taking unconscious risks as we model the behaviour of your systems imitating the real world ahead you play live with your business decisions. At ACT Operations Research, we strive to make the difference in this ever-increasing innovation demanding world working hard to reach a world’s leading position in advanced decision support systems built on optimization, simulation, forecasting and process control expertise.
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Dec 8-11, 2013 - ACT-OR speaker at WSC in Washington
2013 - ACT-OR Simulation Webinar
Incinerator and waste to energy plant. Gas treatment (DeNOx, DeSOx). Treatment water sea/river. Advanced control and simulation for the Environment!
Our skills in Environment sector:

• Biomass & RDF burners

• Biomass gasification

• Water treatment

• Gas treatment and filtering

• District Heating and network


• Serial links integration

• Technical & Functional specifications

• Automation and Control diagrams

ACT Operations Research is aimed primarily at manufacturers and users of facilities being purchase or need to redesign the systems of control.


ACT Operations Research has extended its powers to:

  • Incinerators and waste to energy plant of RSU
  • Gasification and burning of biomass
  • Treatment water sea / river
  • Gas treatment (DeNOx, DeSOx)
  • Heating

ACT Operations Research has experience:

  • Control Systems of various kinds (DCS, ESD, BMS)
  • Integration networks serial
  • Editors and verification schemes logical and regulation
  • Editors and verification of technical specifications and functional
  • Organization and conduct testing at the factory (FAT)
  • Assistance to commissioning and start-up of the system (SAT)
  • Management of tenders and contracts

ACT Operations Research provides the support during functional testing of Control Systems and commissioning during most involving such systems.


ACT Operations Research operates with final customers for plants to be built or re-design, dealing with all aspects related to Control Systems and Security: adopts the interests of the client, with full participation and responsibility.


ACT Operations Research collaborates with companies main contractor of equipment: it is a specialised department alongside the team of engineering company, for the design and management of the supply of Control Systems.


ACT Operations Research supports providers sections of installation (GVR, Package, Turbine, lines gas…): engineering the control ensures the best results in automation and regulation.


Gas Treatment: goal
To limit the environmental impact of plants emit high levels of sulfur (SO2), NOx, HCl and other pollutants such as those resulting from thermal processing of municipal solid waste or biomass.

ACT Operations Research is responsible for the design of automation systems for the management of flue gas treatment systems in order to remove pollutants from the combustion of materials that produce high levels of sulfur (SO2), NOx, HCl.


Using the experience gained over the years, ACT Operations Research is able to provide support during all phases of implementation of the automation system from design to implementation of the system, putting into service, the tuning system.


ACT Logic is an advanced system for drawing up schemes of automation and regulation, able to handle information related to them. Allows you to structure the documentation logical and settings of a system in several documents, maintaining the connection logic signals belonging to different documents. Allows you to easily create and maintain platform and Office®: patterns of adjustment and automation, lists signals, alarms, blocks. Allows a substantial reduction of the times (and therefore cost!). Implementation and update documentation, raising the quality of the same, thanks to the numerous automatic and internal control mechanisms.


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